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Dog Training in Aspley, QLD

Do you live in Aspley and are looking for a great dog trainer to stop the unwanted habits of your dog? Begins works closely with the owner and the dog to provide exceptional service which guarantees better-than-expected results.

Your dog is your best friend, always by your side, wanting to bring you joy and companionship. But when your dog starts behaving in a way that is unwanted or dangerous, it can put a strain on your relationship and cause an unwanted situation for everyone who comes in contact with the dog. Whether it’s biting, jumping, barking or unwillingness to obey their owner, dogs with behavioural issues can become a huge point of stress for the owner, which in turns, stresses out the dog. The best way to train these behaviours out of your dog is by getting to the root of the problem and uprooting the cause. That’s where Begins comes in.

Positive Training

Begins Dog Training has been working with families in Aspley for years, whether it’s a young pup or an older dog, Begins can help you replace unwanted behaviours with positive behaviour for you and your dog. With countless successful cases, which surpassed even the highest expectations and completely changed the way the dog and owner interacted, we are certain we can provide you with the best dog training in Aspley. Begins does it differently; working with you and your schedule, searching for the cause of the problem and making sure it never happens again.

When you train with Begins, we meet you at your chosen location at a time best for you, and we assess the situation before us. We’ll ask you what behaviour you’d like to change when it occurs, what happens and may even want to see it happen. This is important as we might see a reason for the behaviour that even the owner hadn’t realised. Once we have properly analysed the situation, we use the information we learnt from that initial observation, we craft a specific, personalised plan on how to change the action or reactions of the dog.

Finding your dog's problem

It is our unique way of working with the owner and the dog which separates us from other dog trainers in Aspley. We know that consistency is vital for the success of the training, so we make sure to teach the owner everything they need to carry on the training on their own. Identifying the root of the problem, we formulate a plan to change the unwanted behaviour and replace it.

With the help of Begins, the owner will be able to go away after our session and continue to reinforce the things the dog has been taught. This is part of what has made our training so successful, we equip the owner with the information required to maintain the positive behaviour shown in training.

Results you are after

As an established training group, we have all of the equipment one could need to train your dog, however, we have found that providing the dog with familiar equipment like leashes and collars helps the dogs to feel more comfortable during training and is then able to participate better in training. Making the dog as comfortable as possible during training is very important for the success of the training, which is why we work so closely with the owners to provide a safe space for the dog. With time and consistency, the dog will begin to show amazing improvements in its behaviour and maintain its new good habits.

At Begins, we equip the owners with everything they could need, including what to do and what not to do, when and how to reinforce positive behaviour and discipline bad behaviour, which is why it’s so important to us to know the owner understands everything we’ve taught them. Providing us with feedback ensures we can continue to provide this exceptional service in Aspley.