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Dog training with results

Whether a pup, an old dog, or simply a new addition to your family, dogs can become your very best friend. Well behaved dogs are there for you day-in-day-out, waiting for you at home, to spend time with you on the weekend and to fill your days with joy. This relationship is beneficial to both the dog and the family. However, when your dog starts to act out, whether it’s biting, barking, jumping, or not obeying the owner, that can seriously disrupt the
relationship and cause stress to both the owner and, in turn, the dog. This is why Dog Training Begins in Banyo is here to help. We can provide you with dog training to give you the relationship you want with your dog. Dog Training Begins approaches every training job with dedication, knowledge and many years of service under our belt. Banyo is one of the many suburbs in Brisbane we have worked in for years to provide service that is not only satisfying but exceeds expectations. Our goal is to ensure a balanced relationship between pet and owner, and we do that with a few key features in the training process

In Home Dog Training Banyo

Our training begins at a time and place of your choosing in Banyo. It’s best to choose somewhere familiar to your dog so the dog can feel comfortable and so we can see the problem behaviours in action. When we watch a dog in its natural habitat, we can see what negative behaviours occur and see what events might cause the problem. We will also ask the owner questions about the home life until we feel we have fully investigated the situation and can proceed with all of the required knowledge for: your proactive personalised training plan.
When we can identify the behaviour and the cause of the problem, we can begin to adapt the behaviour to a more favourable action or reaction.

We teach you to train your dog

However, training isn’t just about disciplining the dog, but about teaching the owner, too. We educate and empower the owner
so they can carry on the training after we’re done, helping them to understand the problem and what caused it, how to prevent it, and how to direct your dog.

Positive dog training

As well as a familiar environment to train in, your dog will benefit from familiar equipment such as their leash and collar. We will have all the leashes and collars , but familiar equipment will put your dog at ease and allow them to give the training and obedience the attention it needs. Alongside familiarity, it will take a lot of time and patience to achieve the best results with training. Consistency is key so as not to confuse your dog about what is expected, and to reinforce everything we learn during training. This is what we train the owners for, to prepare them for the rest of their lives with
their dog. When we empower you with all the relevant information, that is when our work is done best. It is vital for us to know we’ve done our job, to allow us to continue providing Banyo with
the quality dog training we provide, which is why your feedback is so important! You can give us feedback on our website.

Dog training with results