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Dog Training Gordon Park – are you facing issues with maintaining and handling your pet is completely normal. Like kids, they must be treated with extra care and affection and trained to instil certain behaviours. Hence, seeking help from dog trainers becomes essential for someone who owns a dog. But finding the right trainer can be a challenge. Fortunately, all dog owners in Brisbane can be a little relaxed, thanks to Dog Training Gordon Park.

Having years of experience and successful clients, we have a team of expert dog trainers who will come to your home for training consultations and lessons. With an arsenal of tools and techniques designed to help all kinds of dogs, our professional focus is on giving personalised attention to each pet.

Through our sessions, we train the dogs and teach the owners how to identify problem areas and find a solution. Our modules also include exercises focusing on mental health and numerous physical activities such as daily walks and playful activities. Our dog trainers will always provide consistent instruction throughout training so your pup learns quickly and effectively.

Want to train your dog not to jump?

Jumping on people is a standard way for dogs to show their affection. This is their way of greeting the people they love. And although it is very wholesome to have your pup jump on and lick you as a way of saying hi, it can become an issue for many people who are not used to this. Reckless jumping can cause injuries to some and also create a mess in your home. And even though the dogs do not mean it, it can sometimes cause severe damage. This is precisely why jumping dogs should be trained. With proper care and attention, this behaviour can seriously come under control. Here are some tips for dog owners to follow a home –

  • Teach your dog an alternate greeting behaviour. The ‘four on floor’ technique is a great way. Owners should redirect their behaviour by saying ‘No’ or signalling them to sit or lie.
  • Another tip is to reward your dogs when they show appropriate behaviour. Instead of jumping, when they sit or lie down, instantly reward them with their favourite treats.
  • Training your friends and family while you are training your dog is also essential. All of them should use the same method so there are fewer chances of confusion for your dog. 
  • As any other training requires, you must be patient and consistent with your pup.


It is indeed possible to train a dog that’s two years old in obedience. Although it might require some time and effort compared to training a dog with patience and consistency, it can be accomplished. The duration of the obedience training process can vary depending on factors such as the breed, age, personality and temperament of the dog and the specific training methods employed. Generally speaking, fully training a dog in obedience can take weeks to months. It’s important to remember that training is an endeavour that necessitates consistency and reinforcement.

Typically the challenging age range for training dogs falls between 6 and 18 months old. During this period, they tend to test boundaries, become more independent and may have increased energy levels and distractions to contend with. However, even a three-year-old dog can still be trained successfully. While older dogs may take longer to grasp behaviours than their counterparts, there is always time to begin training.

The five essential principles for training your dog to be obedient are as follows;
1. Consistency is consistently using the commands and techniques every time you train your dog.
2. Focus on reinforcement. Reward behaviour rather than focus on punishing bad behaviour.
3. Be patient throughout training, as teaching your dog behaviours takes time and effort.
4. Timely correction is essential. Address your dog’s misbehaviour immediately so they understand what they did wrong.
5. Stay persistent in your training efforts. Continue practising even after your dog has grasped the basics.
Remember, it’s never too late to start training a dog. Although older dogs may require time and effort, you can still teach them behaviours and reinforce positive habits. While some basic obedience commands can be conducted within two weeks, it’s crucial to understand that training is a process that necessitates consistency and reinforcement.


Dog Training Gordan Park comes packed with years of dog training expertise, armed with accurate scientific knowledge. Our expert trainers craft each training program such that the individual needs of every dog are fulfilled. This ensures that the best possible results are achieved and sustained over time.

Our modules include obedience training to help owners with dog issues. From basic commands to leash walking and even socialising, our sessions are modelled to cater to all kinds of needs. 

Our professionals are also trained to solve aggressive behavioural issues in dogs. We’ll include the owners in the entire process, from the beginning to the end. This way, the owners know what to do when the trainers are not around. Such sessions are also a great way to build bonds between the pets and owners.

All the training modules of Dog Training Begins Brisbane are curated with love and kindness. Training should be a fun experience for the dogs and owners.


The expert trainers of Dog Training Begins have years of experience in training and correcting behaviours in dogs.

Our team makes sure to tailor each lesson plan according to the precise needs of every dog. With our help, you can rest assured that your pup will develop into an obedient, well-socialized and happy family member. So if you are looking for reliable dog training services, look at Dog Training Gordon Park.

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