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Dog Training Carseldine  has many great benefits: learning real companionship, reliability, which is a comforting presence when you’re stressed or upset, plus other benefits like encouragement to exercise, to build a routine and promoting empathy in you and your family. Really, a dog is a man’s best friend. This balanced relationship relies on obedience from the dog, as well as mutual understanding and compassion. Negative, or unwanted, behaviours like barking, jumping, licking and general disobedience can disrupt the relationship and negate many of the important benefits of having a dog. Whether it’s an old dog, a pup, a long-time family member or a new addition to the family, Dog Training Carseldine can help— Call Craig  0411 698 803

We begin training in home

Dog Training Carseldine has been working in this local suburb, for many years, working with many different kinds of dogs and situations, always with better-than-expected results! We continuously perform with the highest expectations and beat them. This is because of the (different) way we train. We discover the root of the problem, then decide how best to uproot the problem, change or stop the behaviour and replace it with more preferable behaviour. We train YOU and the dog in recognising the signs of negative behaviour and stopping it before it begins.

Correcting the Behaviour problem

We like to meet in a place that is familiar : somewhere in Carseldine that is familiar to the dog. Allowing us to view the animal in a familiar place allows us to see the behaviour happen organically, which allows us to recognise what could be causing the behaviour, the natural consequences of the behaviour and we can begin formulating a solution. We will also ask you questions about their life at home, how many people live at home or visit, and other relevant information regarding the dog’s life.

All of this is so we can understand the situation and train not only the dog, out of their behaviour, but train the owners on how to manage the current and any future problems. We empower the owner with the right tools and knowledge so they can carry on the training after we’re done, so they can understand the problem and what caused it, how to identify any possible further problems and how to deal with it.

Carseldine local dog trainer

Dog training Carseldine, we will have all the correct leashes to train your dog when we meet you in Carseldine. However, we have found that using equipment that is familiar to the dog (specifically, their leash and collar) allows the dog to feel comfortable and
thus is more open to the training taking place. Along with a familiar location, and familiar equipment to put the dog at ease, patience and consistency are vital to the success of our
training. Maintaining and enforcing any boundaries developed during training both during our training sessions and after is vital for the dog to understand what is expected of them.

It will take time to train a dog properly so the new behaviour is maintained long-term and so you can be empowered to stop the next negative behaviour before it takes root, which is why
patience is very important. We are with you every step of the way to ensure you are capable and comfortable in training your dog. Our business thrives off of our satisfied customers and knowing we’re doing a good job allows us to continue providing Carseldine and surrounded Brisbane suburbs excellent dog training service. You can help by providing feedback on your
training experience.

There is no such thing as a bad dog.

We can fix dog aggression. 

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