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Dog Training Chermside
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Dog Training Chermside, owning a family dog can bring benefits, such as a loving bond and unwavering trust during lonely or difficult times. Dogs genuinely are companions. However, when your dog starts exhibiting behaviours like jumping, biting or disobedience, it can become stressful for you. 

These behaviours can strain the relationship between the dog and the family. They are leading to various negative consequences.

Dog Training Chermside has been providing dog training services in Chermside for many years. We specialise in working with owners and dogs who have yet to receive any in-home training. Our approach to training the dog and the owner sets Begins apart.

In-Home Dog Training Chermside

We start by meeting you at a time and place best suited for you, investigating the situation, observing the dog in an environment, and asking the owner questions. Including what happens when unwanted behaviour is present, what could have caused it and what they do when it occurs. Sometimes, a behaviour develops for reasons the owner couldn’t see before! Then we like to see the behaviour in action to get that last bit of information to formulate a personalised, foolproof plan to train your dog.

How we train makes us so unique from other dog trainers in Brisbane (Chermside). When we get onto training, we focus not just on the dog’s behaviour and understanding but on the owners, too. We want to arm the owner with all the information they need to stop unwanted behaviours, maintain the new, more desired behaviour and prevent any behaviours that may crop up. 

We find the root of the problems which started the negative behaviour, and we change the dog’s attitude about the event or experience that caused them to act this way. Providing the owner with all the knowledge to handle the situation means that when we leave them after our training is complete, they can feel confident continuing the work and providing consistency to the dog.

Dog Training Chermside has all the equipment you could need to train a dog, but there are many benefits to training a dog with its leash or harness. If the owner provides a safe, comfortable, familiar environment for the dog to work in, they’ll learn more and retain more during training.

Prevent - correct-train

When dealing with a dog’s pattern of misbehaviour, we need to change the owner’s thinking. This will help to stop unwanted behaviour and stop these types of issues. Awareness of these problems will help you correct such behaviours before they worsen. Dog Training Obedience is the key to getting results.


Our process for training is unmatched in the Chermside region, but it relies heavily on the owner understanding and implementing the tools we gave them after we’re done. The owner needs to know what behaviours to discipline and how and when to praise the dog. 

Knowing that the owner understood the requirements ensures we can walk away with a job well done every time. That’s why we love your feedback!

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