Dog Obedience Training Brisbane

We Teach You How To Train Your Dog

When a customer reaches out to Begins requesting our dog obedience services, it usually means that they know exactly what they want the obedience service to work on and the results that they expect. At Begins, one of our guarantees is unmatched results, always surpassing expectations in every challenge that comes to us. There are a number of problems that can arise when trying to teach a dog a specific command or habit. Perhaps you are trying to walk your dog but, unfortunately, it keeps pulling on the leash, maybe when it’s feeding time they can get pretty aggressive and make an absolute mess all over the floor with said food or, even more frustrating, you are just trying to teach your dog how to sit or lay down, yet nothing you are doing seems to be delivering the consistent results that you expected, this is where we come in.

Using the correct Training Methods

Our vast experience in the field of dog obedience work, has granted us the ability to use our specialized methods and knowledge to create the
results that you expect from your dog. Dog obedience work requires a lot of consistency and dedication, therefore, if you are not using the right methods to teach obedience to your dog, it can be quite frustrating, wasting both yours and your dog’s time.
Dog obedience work is an in-depth kind of training that requires a more hands-on approach for both the trainer and the owner, so the dog can acquire the understanding of what to do and when to do it. When it comes to these kinds of challenges, it is all about the display of control you have on your dog and how to best manage that power to get the results you are looking for.

Dog obedience includes the following

  • Time out
  • Play time
  • Dog recall
  • Not to react
  • Stay command
  • Walking your dog
  • Sitting in public
  • Teach how to heal
  • How to correct your dog
  • This would suit the owner who wants to learn commands.
Understanding Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Training Brisbane – When we get to the customer’s chosen location in Brisbane, in order to provide our dog obedience services, we start by analyzing the situation and where the struggle lies. Understanding the problem you are having with your dog is key to deliver the best solution in order for the dog to obey your commands, this is why the first step is always to analyze the situation by acquiring the right information.

We assess the situation by asking the client to reenact the problem and, by following along and analyzing it, we are able to determine and take note of the control that the client has on the dog, making the problem clearer in order to find the best possible solution to resolve it.

This kind of method provides a more resourceful and adequate solution because, not only is it more personal and in-depth but, by analyzing the problem, you are sure to get better results than by using a generalized way of dealing with it. Whether the dog is pulling on the leash when the client is trying to walk it or, it is being too aggressive when it’s feeding time, assessing and reenacting the situation, all while analyzing it, can make the obedience blockage clearer in order to resolve it.

At Begins, we always observe and analyze the problem, in order to find the right solution.

Solving The Problem

After analyzing the reenactment of the problem that the client is facing when trying to teach a command or fix the misbehaviour, comes the time to take action and actually start to fix the problem by applying the right solution. When we are called to action, this usually means that the methods of teaching that the client is using to teach the dog might not be the most adequate for that dog and situation or, perhaps, the owner might just not know how to deal with it in the best way.

When doing dog obedience work, we take on the role of the dog’s master, keeping the focus on our expert trainers instead of what is around the dog. This way, we are always able to maintain a consistent learning curve that will provide unmatched results, however, this is not the only aspect of it. Teaching the client is just as important for us as teaching the dog itself. When our clients get the knowledge on how to best teach their dogs and how to properly make them obey their owners is a sure way to acquire incredible results in the long run.

With the right knowledge, not only is the problem our clients are facing able to be resolved but, also, it gives space for future teachings to be as successful as the prior one. After analyzing the situation, we demonstrate the solution to the problem, whether it is to show how to properly walk the dog, making sure that they respect the leash and the owner, as well as teaching them to sit, lay down, stay, not be aggressive when its feeding time and many others.

Dog obedience training brisbane is all about control and respect, teaching you the best methods that can get you the best results, as well as demonstrating them first hand in order for the first steps to be taken towards a more pleasant situation.

Making Sure The Results Stay

After teaching the dog the commands that the owner required, we make sure that we know the commands will stick, by gathering the feedback from our clients.

With the knowledge given and, the demonstration of how to teach these commands to the dog, consistency is something required for the success of the methods taught. It is important to know that, in order for commands to stay deep within the dog, it is essential that the owner keeps performing them (the way we taught) regularly and consistently.