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Your dog is a member of the family. They provide you with love, entertainment and joy and you want to give them the best life possible. It can be really challenging when your dog is having behavioral issues, which is why we at Dog Training Begins in Fitzgibbon are here to help. We can assist you in working through a wide range of issues and are dedicated to helping you and your dog get onto the right track. Whatever you’re struggling with, we can work with you to find a solution.

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There’s a saying that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. But if your older dog is displaying troubling behaviours then there’s no need to despair! We know that older dogs can learn new behaviours with consistency, repetition and training tailored to your pooch. For example, if your dog isn’t food motivated then there’s no point in using treats to assist with the training.
Old dogs can be set in their ways, but dogs also thrive on routine. If you change up the way things work and (most importantly!) stick to it, your dog’s behaviours will shift too. It might take a little longer than puppy training , but you’ll see some incredible improvements on your old guy or gal!  In fact, training an older dog has some great benefits.

Training keeps your dog engaged and entertained, and a stimulated dog is a happy dog. Just because your dog is getting older doesn’t mean they don’t need to have fun! It’s also an amazing way to bond with your dog, because you’re working together and giving them lots of praise and attention. From your point of view, training an old dog can sometimes be easier. While there may be bad habits to unlearn, older dogs are less hyperactive and have more self-control than puppies. Think about trying to teach a toddler and a teenager to perform a task, like clearing the table. The toddler is going to get distracted and run around everywhere, which is more work for you. So old dogs can make amazing training subjects for some issues.

Our dog training process

We go through a few steps when we’re working with you and your dog to ensure exceptional service. We will first meet with you to observe the problem behaviour. Usually, we will do this in the home as this is where your dog is more comfortable and open, but if this isn’t where the problem behaviour happens, we can change that. For example, if your dog is dog-aggressive at the park, we will meet you at a local park to see what the issue is.
We will then teach you what is causing the behavioral issue or issues in your dog and explain where they are coming from. Sometimes we can see a cause that wouldn’t have occurred to you, and that’s ok! That’s why you’re hiring a professional; to get an expert perspective on the issue.
We will then show you how to effectively train your pup, giving you corrections along the way to make you feel more confident in training your dog without us there.

Get in touch with us at Fitzgibbon dog training

With years of experience, Craig is one of the best dog trainers in Fitzgibbon. What differentiates Dog Training Begins from others is that we not only train the dog but also the owner! It’s unfortunately true that your nervous energy is picked up on by your dog. If you’re stressed out about your dog’s bad behaviour, your dog can tell, and it can often make them act out more. We will show you why your dog is behaving in this way and calm your fears so you and your dog can have a more positive training experience.

If you’re struggling to get your dog’s behaviour under control and are longing for the perfect pooch, get in touch,  with us via phone or email and we can find a time that works for you. We work 7 days a week and late into the evenings, so we’ll work with you to have your canine companion behaving beautifully in no time.

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