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Dog training Fitzgibbon program takes a family-centred approach, teaching commands and promoting understanding. We aim to provide love, happiness and amusement, ensuring that your dog lives their life. 

Dealing with problems can be challenging. Dog Training Fitzgibbon is here to lend a hand. We are committed to assisting you and your furry friend in finding solutions and getting back on the path. Regardless of the challenges you face, we can collaborate for outcomes.

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Don’t worry if your older dog is displaying concerning behaviours. At Dog Training Fitzgibbon, we believe that older dogs can learn behaviours through tailored training. For example, food-using treats may be ineffective if your dog lacks motivation.
While older dogs might be set in their ways, they thrive on having a routine. 

By implementing changes, you will start to see shifts in their behaviour. It’s important to note that training a dog may require time and patience compared to training a puppy, but the results can be truly remarkable. There are benefits to training a dog.

At Dog Training Fitzgibbon, we strive to keep your dog engaged and entertained during the training process, ensuring a fulfilled pet. Age is never a barrier when it comes to having fun! Through training, you will also develop a bond with your companion as you work together and provide praise and attention. 

Training dogs can be easier in some ways since they tend to be less hyperactive and have self-control than puppies. To draw a comparison teaching a toddler versus teaching a teenager the same task can present challenges; toddlers often get easily distracted, whereas teenagers usually exhibit focus. Therefore older dogs make subjects for addressing behavioural issues.

Our dog training process

We guarantee exceptional service; we follow these steps when working with you and your dog:

Initially, we meet to observe the problem behaviour, preferably at home for your dog’s comfort.
If necessary, we can adapt and watch elsewhere to address the problem behaviour effectively.
To ensure top-notch service, we follow a series of steps when working with you and your furry friend;

Firstly we’ll arrange a meeting to observe any behaviour. It’s best to do this in the comfort of your home, where your dog feels most at ease. However, if needed, we can also arrange to observe the behaviour elsewhere to address it effectively.

For instance, if your dog tends to be aggressive towards dogs, we can meet you at a local park in Fitzgibbon to assess the situation.

Afterwards, we’ll provide insights into the root causes of your dog’s behavioural issues. Sometimes we may even identify causes that hadn’t crossed our mind before. Don’t worry – hiring means gaining access to expert perspectives.


Get in touch with us at Fitzgibbon dog training

With extensive experience, Craig is among the finest dog trainers in Fitzgibbon. What sets Dog Training Fitzgibbon apart is that we train both the dog and the owner! Dogs sense your nervous energy, so they might act out more if you’re stressed about their behaviour. We’ll explain their behaviour, allay your fears, and ensure a positive training experience for you and your dog.

If you’re struggling with your dog’s behaviour and desire a perfect pooch, contact us via phone or email. We’re available seven days a week, including late evenings, to find a suitable time. Together, we’ll have your canine companion behaving beautifully in no time

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