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Owning a dog is just like having your best friend constantly around you, keeping you company, supporting you and making sure happiness is all you know, however, when a dog begins to show some troubling behaviours, that is when the stress and frustration can truly sink into the household. 

A dog that misbehaves or doesn’t respect their owner is a dog that will create a great deal of stress to the owner and anyone around them, whether it is because they keep biting or jumping around when they shouldn’t or, whether it’s any other misbehavioural pattern, teaching the dog how to not do these things or how to fix the problem can be quite difficult for someone that has never done something like it before.

The Local Dog Training Experts in Nundah

With years of experience under our belt (being one of the best dog training Nundah experts), we are always able to guarantee full satisfaction to our customers, with countless successful cases, always surpassing expectations and delivering the expected results, we fix the problems straight by the root, so no future problems develop in its place! Begins can visit your home in Nundah and surrounding suburbs in Brisbane so your dog or puppy can receive in-home training.

Training a dog is no easy task. A fully grown dog has developed habits and patterns that may have been introduced very early on in their lives, which is why breaking out of these habits or patterns that may have eased the problem to develop can be quite difficult. Because we at Begins know this, we have developed positive to deal with whatever problem you are having with your dog, beyond the surface level, in order to truly fix the problem, instead of just providing a generalized quick fix.

Investigating Is The First Step Towards A Solution

When dealing with the misbehavioural patterns that your dog might be showing, one of the most important initial steps to take is to investigate and assess the situation, so we get a better understanding of why and how the problem is happening.

Being locals in Nundah, we at Begins always adapt to our client’s schedule and preferred location. We want to make sure that we do not disrupt your day to day life, therefore, when you contact us to deal with the problem, we will arrive at your location in Nundah, while keeping in mind your preferred schedule.

After we arrive at your chosen location in Nundah, we start by asking the client some questions on why this dog’s misbehaviour might be happening and, of course, if they can reenact them as well.

The reason as to why we ask these questions to the owner is simply because, sometimes, the dog may have developed these misbehavioural patterns due to something that may have happened at its early age, without the owner realizing it! Asking these questions and analyzing the problem itself by aquiring the right information, not only allows us to understand what may have caused the problem but, also, it helps us strategize the plan to fix the problem, as well as understanding what you might be doing wrong when trying to teach your dog.

Putting The Plan To Action

Once the investigation has provided the right knowledge in order to assess the situation in the best and most productive manner, comes the time to finally take action and fix the problem once and for all. This is what differentiates us from other Nundah dog trainers. After investigating and making sure we know what the root of the problem is, we make sure to not only teach the dog but, also, the owners themselves.

It is very important to know that when dealing with a dog’s misbehavioural patterns, that consistency from the owner’s part is key to success and, of course, to prevent these problems to resurface in the future as well. This is the only way of  fixing the dog’s misbehavioural problems has proven so successful throughout the years because, by teaching the dog 0wner the foundations to fixing the problems, it creates a better understanding between the two, creating better results in the long run!

Private in home dog training sessions can prove very beneficial as well, since said leashes will be the ones that the dog will be most comfortable and most used to. Teaching the dog and fixing the problem is not only something that takes time but consistency as well, which is why providing the right knowledge to the owner is so important and productive for the present and future.

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Feedback Is Important To Us

Because training your dog to stop doing something that is causing great stress to the family is something that doesn’t happen overnight, consistency is key for that misbehavioural pattern to be completely erased. Because we know this, we always make sure that the owner and family have acquired the right knowledge and know exactly how to keep fermenting that right behaviour as the days go by.

After our session, we like to leave the location knowing that the owner understood the steps to take and, of course, what to do and what not to do, as well as what to reward and what to scold on the dog’s behaviour!