Puppy Training Brisbane

Need help with your puppy?

So you finally purchased or adopted the puppy you have always dreamt of. You are enjoying the joys that it has to offer as your adorable new puppy runs around the house spreading happiness and joy to every member of the family. It is a new and exciting time that surely takes some getting used to. You have your routine and habits and, you are needing to adapt to this new puppy, however, much like you need to adapt to it, it also needs to adapt to you.

Whether the puppy already has some age or, whether it is still an incredibly young puppy, bad habits can always develop and, more often than not, these bad habits tend to surface based on something that the owners may or may not have done, without even realizing it. Puppy training Brisbane is all about the initial teachings and support of good behaviours, as well as reprehension of bad ones, so these problems don’t resurface in the future, where it can be hard to deal with them. Begins provides puppy training services in Brisbane, Australia that will teach your puppy proper behaviour from a young age so it can grow up with the right foundations.

Puppy Expert Trainers

Puppy training is incredibly important because, in order to avoid problems in the future, the initial teachings, habits and boundaries set at a young age, are what will define the chances of your dog remaining well behaved and, preventing the development of bad behaviours. When engaging with puppy training, we at Begins often use our infallible methods that aim to teach not only the puppy on what to do and what not to do but, also, the owners and family of the puppy, so they know how to deal with it and with whatever problems might come to the surface. 

A puppy can see some members of the family as masters and others as playmates, there to always play with them, however, this can also provide the circumstance for the said puppy to start bitting and jumping around some members while remaining well behaved around others. It is important to set boundaries and teach the puppy properly early on, to avoid the problems to develop into more serious ones later on. Puppy training Brisbane requires a lot of patience and consistency, therefore, teaching both the puppy and the owners on how to find a middle ground for each other is the foremost important aspect for a harmonious life.

Puppy Training Brisbane includes the following

  • Crate training
  • Play time
  • Puppy recall
  • Stay Calm
  • Stay command
  • Leash Walking
  • Sitting and Staying
  • Walk to heal
  • Correcting your Puppy
  • Suits new puppy owner
Acquiring The Knowledge

As stated before, the knowledge of how to deal and teach the puppy is one of the most important aspects for it to grow into a well-behaved dog and, at Begins, we know just how to deliver it!

To be aware a puppy is still developing, therefore, the habits that the family or owner might have around the puppy can greatly influence the habits that might form on the puppy itself.

The first step we always take when we reach the customer’s  location in Brisbane, in order to puppy train their new furry friend, is to sit down with the family or owner and talk.It might not seem like a big deal at first, but the initial discussion can give a great understanding on what to change and what to adapt to the puppy as well as the other way around.Understanding the owner’s behaviours and habits that can greatly influence the dog is a great first step in understanding how to train the puppy.

Because puppy training requires a lot of consistency on the owner’s part, teaching the owner on the reason as to why a puppy might behave a certain way, how to reward or scold these behaviours and, most importantly, how to teach the puppy on how to improve on them, is most effective with the right knowledge. Knowledge is power and, we at Begins always make sure that the puppy’s owner has the right knowledge for the right situation.

Puppy Training In Brisbane

After analyzing the situation and habits of both the owners and the dog, comes the time to actually teach the owners on how to deal with all these behaviours and all the knowledge acquired. At Begins, we believe that setting boundaries early on can prevent serious problems in the future. A dog that is misbehaved can provide a great deal of stress to the owners, therefore, teaching the puppy the foundation before the problems arise is the most important aspect of puppy training.

We teach both the owners and the puppy on the boundaries that they should have with each other, how to reduce the bad habits and, of course, how to reward the good behaviours with a treat reward system. Finding a middle ground between the puppy and the owners while the puppy is still developing can contribute greatly to a harmonious home because, after all, a dog that is well behaved is a dog that brings better memories.


Our goal is satisfaction of our customers so, therefore, we always listen to whatever feedback they might have for us. With all the knowledge that we pass on to our clients, some things may slip by, which is why we always make sure that the owners remember the teachings that we have provided, as well as the reasons behind some of the behaviours that the puppy might show.

Puppy training can be a lot of hard work, with a great amount of dedication, patience and consistency required, this is why remaining faithful to the knowledge that we provide and the methods that we teach can create incredible results for both the present and the future as well.