Rottweiler Dog Training Brisbane

Rottweiler dog trainer Brisbane
Expert Rottweiler dog trainer

Expert Rottweiler Dog Trainer Brisbane

Rottweiler dog training Brisbane, have you got a rottweiler that won’t listen? We do in-home dog training and head out into the local streets to help you fix you’re problems.
Unlike most Dog Trainers, Craig gets active, asks what the behaviour problem is, and finds out the cause of your problem.
It is essential to understand the root cause; we don’t just train your dog; we train you simultaneously.

At Rottweiler Dog Training Brisbane, we provide solid information for your desired results. Our comprehensive guides and instructional videos cover everything from basic obedience commands to tricks and behaviours. Our personalised one-on-one training sessions also ensure you receive guidance and support as you work alongside your Rottweiler.

Craig believes in positive reinforcement, allowing for a healthy dog training session. It is only from years of experience and customer proof that Craig’s methods work.

Hot tip to train a Rottweiler

Training a Rottweiler can be a REWARDING experience for you and your K9. Rottweilers are devoted dogs eager to please, making them receptive to training. However, it’s crucial to approach training with patience and consistency since each dog’s unique. They may learn at their own pace.

Here are some dog training tips :

Start early; It’s best to begin training your Rottweiler as they join your family. Dogs are particularly receptive during this time. Can be taught commands and behaviours.

Use reinforcement; Rottweilers respond well to support, which includes treats, praise and other rewards. These rewards reinforce desired behaviours and motivate your dog to continue exhibiting them.

Establish boundaries; Setting boundaries is an aspect of Rottweiler training. This may involve establishing rules for behaviour like not jumping on people or begging for food at the table.

Keep sessions short and enjoyable; Since Rottweilers have attention spans, it’s essential to keep training sessions around 15 to 20 minutes per session. Always aim to end each session on a note.

Training a Rottweiler dog requires patience and time. It’s important not to get discouraged if your dog doesn’t grasp a behaviour away. With training and practice, they will eventually understand it.

Best play toys to use

Rottweilers are lively dogs that enjoy playing and can benefit from various toys to entertain them. Here are some toy options that might be especially suitable for Rottweilers;

Kong toys; These rubber toys have a centre where you can place treats or kibble. They’re tough. It can stimulate your Rottweiler as they figure out how to retrieve the goodies.

Chew toys; Rottweilers are known for their chewing habits, providing them with durable chew toys. Consider options like nylon chew bones, antlers or rubber chew toys.

Fetch toys; Rottweilers love playing fetch, so having a variety of fetch-related toys. Balls, frisbees or rope toys can be significant. Make sure to choose sturdy options based on your Rottweiler’s size and strength.

Interactive toys, puzzles, and dispensing toys that require problem-solving skills can stimulate your Rottweiler.

Remember to select toys that match your Rottweilers size, strength and play style. It’s essential to check toys regularly for any signs of damage and replace them if needed. This helps ensure that there are no hazards or other safety concerns.

In home Rottweiler dog training
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