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When you spend so much time with your dog, they begin to feel like an important member in the family. They keep you company, support you and fill you with joy. However, when a dog begins to show some unwanted behaviours, stress and frustration can overwhelm the household.

When a misbehaves and doesn’t respect their owner, it can stressful for all people. Whether it is because they keep biting or jumping or simply not obeying the owner, breaking unwanted habits can be quite difficult for someone inexperienced to do on their own for the first time.

Begins in Sandgate has been providing exceptional service for many years. We always walk away from a job completely satisfied with our work and know that the dog and owner can be happy together again. We guarantee success by tackling finding the exact problem and cutting off the situations that could cause the behaviour again.

create new habits is what we do

Whether it’s an old or new dog, breaking habits can be hard. That’s why Dog Training Begins works with you to provide you with all the tools you need. We start by meeting at the time and location in Sandgate. We begin by observing the dog in its natural state, asking the client important questions about the dog’s behaviour, why it might be happening and when. We also ask to see the behaviour in action so we can fully understand the situation. Sometimes, a behaviour can show in a dog before the owner even realises it.

Correcting the dogs bad beahviours

Once we have fully investigated, we work together with the owner to create a personalised action plan on how best to train their dogs. This includes a full training session,  to achieve success. That’s what makes us stand out from other dog trainers in Sandgate, we never leave the you in the dark about how to handle their dog. It’s very important to know that consistency is essential to success. Consistently using the training methods we’ve provided will ensure the habits stop and that they will not resurface in the future. These methods are what makes us so successful.


We have all of the gear required for dog training but providing the dogs with equipment its familiar with can add an unmeasurable benefit to the training. If the dog is comfortable with the leash or harness, it will feel more comfortable listening and learn the training.

It takes time and consistency to successfully train a dog, which is why we empower the owners the best we can with the information they need for long-lived success. We thrive off of empowering the owners and providing them with foolproof instructions after we leave. After our sessions, we like to know the owner understands what to do and not do, how to reward the positive behaviour and discipline the negative, as well as when. This is why feedback is so important!