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Dog training in Stafford? Then look no further! We are a local dog training company that specialises in helping you get the best out of your dog.  We know that it’s hard to find the time and energy to train a new dog but we can assure you, its well worth it. To have a dog that sits quietly when you ask it to, that comes when it is called and can behave itself when you visit other peoples homes is priceless!

This is where Dog Training Stafford comes into the picture. We help you train your dog out of those unwanted behaviours and replace them with positive actions so, at the end of the training, everybody is happy. Dogs thrive when they know what’s expected of them and we can completely change the way you and your dog interact. 

Training you and your dog in Stafford

We have been working with dogs and owners in Stafford for years. We meet you one on one to fit in with your schedule and make sure we understand what it is about your dog that you want to change.  We believe in figuring out why the dog does the inappropriate behaviour and working out a personalised plan to change the behaviour of the dog to suit your lifestyle as well as the dog’s size and personality. 

If your dog is pulling on the lead, not coming when it’s called, barking and jumping on people, dog training Stafford help. If your dog is barking all day, nipping or growling at people, we have some tips and suggestions. If your dog is not well behaved and you hate taking them out of the house, then call us and let us help you get a good happy healthy relationship with your dog happening today!


Correcting your dog behaviour

We can teach your old dog new tricks quite easily but one thing we think is just as important is to teach you to do what we do. We love to coach our owners in good dog direction and assist them to develop the skills to keep their dogs behaving well in all situations when we aren’t around. .

Dog Training Stafford reliable, on time

If you want to see yourself with a well-behaved pooch that is welcomed and loved in your friend’s households, then don’t hesitate, call us and set up an appointment and let us help you realise the dream of having a well-behaved pet that you can trust to do the right thing!

We have a lot of years under our belts as dog training experts as well as experience with every kind of dog behaviour out there. In most cases, we have seen this type of unwanted behaviour before and are confident that your dog wont is not the worst one we have ever helped. 

Don’t waste any more time trying to train your dog by yourself. Get a team behind you who have the knowledge and experience who can create a plan with you that fits with your timetable and let us assist you to train your pet in a way you will both come to enjoy. 

Book online or call us today.

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